CHTHONIC’s “Sail into the Sunset’s Fire” video online

Taiwanese metallers Chthonic released their second music video of their brand new album, “Bú-Tik”. “Sail into the Sunset’s Fire” is all shot outdoors, under rain and stormy weather making the video more realistic.

The comic scenes in the video express ideas about challenging the authority to go along with the story told in the song. “Sail into the Sunset’s Fire” recounts the stories of pirates in East Asia in the Age of Exploration. “We’re not encouraging kidnapping ships or robbing money, but the brevity to bid farewell to the old world, sail towards the unknown, and challenge the conventional authority is indeed inspiring” said Freddy, the lead vocalist of Chthonic.

Characters in Chthonic’s latest album “Bú-Tik” travel through time and space and through violent scenes in Taiwan’s history, including the pirate adventures centuries ago, armed clashes across the island in the 18th century, the prisoners riot in the last century e.t.c. “In writing the album, we pondered the true meaning of “bú-tik”, as well as what real peace is” said Doris Yeh, the band’s leader.

Chthonic’s 7th studio album “Bú-Tik” will be released tomorrow in Taiwan and early June in the rest of the world by Universal Music/Spinefarm. The Taiwanese version will be available in Taiwan, while the English version will be available worldwide.


“Bú-Tik” track listing:

1. “Arising Armament (Intro)”
2. “Supreme Pain for the Tyrant”
3. “Sail into the Sunset’s Fire” 4:01
4. “Next Republic” 4:12
5. “Rage of my Sword”
6. “Between Silence and Death”
7. “Resurrection Pyre”
8. “Set Fire to the Island”
9. “Defenders of Bú-Tik Palace” 5:23
10. “Undying Rearmament (Outro)”

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