Battle Beast‘s eponymous sophomore release struck like thunder and cracked the earth!

The Finnish sextet was formed in 2008 and escalated quickly within the international heavy metal ranks. Winners of W.O.A. “Metal Battle” and Finland’s “Radio Rock Starba” the Beasts caught the attention of Nuclear blast, which resulted in the release of their debut album “Steel” in early 2012. Since then the band toured across Europe with Nightwish and Sonata Arctica, extending their fan base due to their explosive energy on stage and mesmerizing music.

BattleBeastFast forward to May 2013 and “Battle Beast” is released, a highly anticipated album for many around the world – myself included. The new record features new singer Noora Louhimo which proves to be an absolute perfect fit for the band. I was quite skeptical after Nitte Valo left the band, thinking to myself “there’s no way they can find a voice like hers”. Boy, was I wrong. Noora goes above and beyond duty, delivering pure, in your face, heavy metal! Just the way I like it. She truly is an eruptive blond temptation, detonating anthems one after the other with meteoric force.

The album opener “Let It Roar” predisposes the listener for an intense session of air-guitar play and headbanging. You can really tell from the beginning that the band sounds better than ever. The production quality is astonishing and it does justice to the songs. I find myself lost in Janne‘s keyboard melodies while the guitar riffs keep my head moving as I tap my foot to the beat. Few minutes later I am “Out on the Streets” where I belong. Battle Beast know how to create very catchy choruses, it’s like they studied the art of “what makes a great song” and they have it all figure it out. It’s impossible not to sing along with Noora and the rest of the guys.

Battle Beast” has many modern elements yet somehow it sounds like classic heavy metal at it’s best. At some points they combine sci-fi/electro keyboard lines together with furious heavy metal guitar riffs and they blend it in such a way that it sounds remarkably good. I have the feeling the keyboard melodies, in this album, are in a more leading role within the whole album and in a perfect balance with the guitar riffs and solos. Make sure to pay attention to the awesome keyboard solos in “Kingdom” and “Rain Man“.

I can’t choose any favorites, honestly. All the songs capture your attention and explore the dynamics within this music genre. From the crushing metal vocals and high screams,the multi part guitar harmonies, the futuristic keyboards (to go along with the album cover and artwork) to the expertly strong choruses. Also the rhythm section is extremely tight and when Pyry steps on the double bass he gives your monies worth.

Overall “Battle Beast” is extremely satisfying. I have been listening to the album for a week, non-stop, and I can’t find a single blemish! Roaring vocals – check! Chunky guitar riffs – check! Wondrous harmonies and solos – check! Deafening orchestrations – check! Tenacious drums and bass – check! All, in all – and in the words of Borat – “Great success”!!! The future can only be bright for Battle Beast and, guys, many congratulations for a job very well done.

RATING: 8.5 / 10

Battle Beast” – Track list:

01 – Let It Roar
02 – Out Of Control
03 – Out On The Streets
04 – Neuromancer
05 – Raven
06 – Into The Heart Of Danger
07 – Machine Revolution
08 – Golden Age
09 – Kingdom
10 – Over The Top
11 – Fight, Kill, Die
12 – Black Ninja
13 – Rain Man
14 – Shutdown (bonus track)

Battle Beast is:

Anton Kabanen – Guitar, lead & backing vocals
Noora Louhimo – Lead vocals
Eero Sipilä – Bass, backing vocals, narrator voice
Janne Björkroth – Keyboards, orchestrations & backing vocals
Juuso Soinio – Guitar
Pyry Vikki – Drums



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