It took Tears Of Martyr four years to release their sophomore album, entitled “Tales” via Massacre Records, but it was well worth the wait. Believe me. Tears Of Martyr are no strangers to the European doom/gothic metal scene. Formed in the late nineties in the Canary Islands of Spain, the band has demonstrated extreme passion for their music which has earned them respect and a loyal fan base.

CoverIn the late summer of 2012 the band entered New Sin Studios where they recorded “Tales” with producer Enrik García (Dark Moor). Quite the clever decision, if you ask me, as the production is truthfully stunning. At least that’s the first thing I’ve noticed listening to opener “The Scent No. 13th“. I remember writing down to my notepad “great production, it sounds stellar”.

Musically “Tales” has all the known Tears Of Martyr components that you find in their sound ever since their debut, “Entrance“. However this time everything just sounds bigger and fatter. I can tell the band took their time and care to arrange the orchestra in more detail and the way it encircles the rest of the instruments. There’s a colossal mix of instruments with the orchestra complimenting the voices while haunting choirs are chanting unearthly melodies.

Right from the start there’s an eerie atmosphere with a dramatic latitude and it keeps all the way through the duration of the record. This sense of luscious melancholy is traveling you in places filled with fatal gloom. Berenice‘s vocals are colorful and captivating, full of charm, while Miguel‘s heavy, ethereal guitars create a veil of darkness. The quartet completes with Adrián on bass and Doramas on drums, both of which are fully in line with the concept of the album.

Lyrically “Tales” is a mix of short stories that can stand on their own. Most of them are inspired by classic novels such as “The Scent No. 13th” which is inspired by the novel “The Perfume” or “Lost Boys” which you can tell it’s influenced by Peter Pan, done in a very obscure way. “Of A Raven Born” carries the vibe of Edgar Allan Poe‘s definitive poem “The Raven”. “Golem“, “Mermaid And Loneliness” and “Fallen Hero” all seem to be originals while the rest of the songs are exhilarated by Spanish legends.

Definite highlights include the spell bounded “Fallen Hero“, the marvelous “Mermaid And Loneliness” – a true specimen of operatic vocals use in a metal record – the miraculous “Ancient Pine Awaits” with its wonderful acoustic guitars, the awe-inspiring “Of A Raven Born” which could be a tribute to gothic/doom metal and the absolute phenomenal “Lost Boys“, my favorite. Not to forget “Golem” perhaps the most “mainstream” and radio friendly song of the record, an undeniable hit with a great melodic chorus.

I couldn’t be happier with “Tales“, honestly. If you are looking for the soundtrack to an infernal gothic ritual look no further, “Tales” will serve you well. Tears Of Martyr delivered a premier album and they are stepping forward, ready to launch themselves to the elite. Fan of the genre or not, you should listen to “Tales“. The band made their mark with this one. Well done!

RATING: 8 / 10

Tales” – Track list:

01. The Scent No. 13
02. Golem
03. Mermaid And Loneliness
04. Vampires Of The Sunset Street
05. Ancient Pine Awaits
06. Lost Boys
07. Fallen Hero
08. Of A Raven Born
09. Wolves And A Witch
10. Ran Into The Forest

Tears Of Martyr is:

Berenice Musa – Soprano
Miguel Angel Marqués – Guitars & Vocals
Adrián Miranda – Bass
Doramas Párraga – Drums



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