HUNTRESS Virtual Yard Sale for Mayhem Festival Tour Support

Los Angeles based, melodic heavy metallers Huntress are about to go on the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival Tour, but they need your help. They started an Indiegogo campaign to secure participation in the festival. Together with Battlecross, they are willing to share the cost for a bus this summer.

As the band states “We need to raise $17,500 and will be sharing 5/12ths of a bus this summer on the Mayhem Festival with brothers of metal and fellow indiegogo campaigners Battlecross! We aren’t bringing a merch person or sound guy. No crew. No help. Our 5 bunks alone on this bus cost $18,500, and that is just the beginning.

Huntress is offering a Virtual Yard Sale in which you have the chance to acquire some very interesting items, such as the sword prop and Jill’s cloak from the “Eight of Swords” music video.

We’re not into the whole asking for money thing and really want to make the investment worthwhile to our contributors. Everything we are offering means so much to us — and we want YOU to feel the same wayHuntress says.

For more information please click HERE.

Indiegogo campaign HERE.


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