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FLOOR JANSEN posts new video blog of NIGHTWISH’s Japan tour

Here’s a new video blog of Nightwish’s Japan tour by Floor Jansen. She says: “I decided to make a film about my first time in Japan. It gives you an insight in what we do on show days and travel days and shows my excitement about this great country“.

In other news ReVamp started a campaign to raise money for their next tour. In regards, Floor says: “We get requests for live shows from all over the world. Financially this is not always possible and that is why we want to ask you to help us get to you. Pledge what you can miss into this project and you will not only make it possible to see us live, you also get some really cool things in return.

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Listen to MY RUIN’s new album “The Sacred Mood” online

My Ruin‘s new album, entitled “The Sacred Mood” is set for release on June 11th via iTunes and Amazon. Thanks to the great response on their teaser video, the band has decided to give everyone a sneak preview for one week; starting June 1st through June 8th.

The full streaming will be exclusively via the band’s Soundcloud page here.

The Sacred Mood” track listing:

1. Monolith Of Wrath
2. Moriendo Renascor
3. God Is A Girl With A Butcher Knife
4. Heretic Dreams
5. Honey Of The Human Soul
6. Insomniac Moon
7. Hour Of The Wolf
8. Del Riche
9. The Harsh Light Of Day
10. Trouble (Elvis Presley Cover)


My Ruin