UK’s PYTHIA line up changes and album update

UK’s gothic metallers Pythia released the following statement regarding an album update and some line up changes:

Greetings to the great unwashed! It may seem like things are quite on the Pythia front but in fact there is a great amount of activity going on behind the scenes.

We are close to completing the writing stage of our next album and Dyos, ever keen and prepared, has already completed the drum recordings.

In sad news Pythia has made some lineup changes and we wave goodbye to both Lead Guitarist Tim Neale and Keyboard Player Richard Holland. Both have decided to focus on other things and we wish them all the luck in the world and we’ll certainly be meeting up for beers soon.

Tim Says, ‘It’s been a fantastic 5 years being a member of Pythia, and I am very proud of all we achieved; not only as a band, but as individuals as well. However, time has come for me to hang up my armour and move on. The chaps in Pythia will of course remain very dear to me, and the friendships with the band are still as strong as ever…. It is simply time for me to move on, and with the advent of certain recent developments musically and personally for me, everyone involved in the Pythia camp agreed that this was for the best of all involved. And so, dear reader, it is with great thanks and a LOT of happy memories that for now I leave the phenomenon that is Pythia wishing them nothing but the best and all the success they have earned.’

pythiaRich says ‘It’s with some sadness that I announce my departure from Pythia after 5 years of writing and recording keyboards with the band. Family commitments have now made continued work with the band very difficult and for this reason I have chosen to stand down. I joined the band as a power-metal newbie, so the learning curve was a steep one. The creative challenges working with the band came thick and fast but they were always extremely rewarding and I’m very proud of the first two studio albums and the singles we have released so far. I would like to thank Pythia for giving me the opportunity to get my creative juices flowing again, at a time when they had long since stopped, and at the same time allowing me to explore an avenue of previously undiscovered (and brilliant) music. I would like to thank the fans for their continued support and loyalty towards the band, and their kind words and encouragement. Whist I have never made it onstage with the band, their passion and commitment on and offstage has always been evident and I wish them every success with their next album and in the future.’

After much sad news we return to joyous celebrations and welcome two new members to the troops. Joining us on guitar is Oz Wright. Oz has played a couple of shows with Pythia before and is an exceptionally talented musician, so look forward to some startling fret work on the next album. He also plays in the hard-hitting hard-rock band Motherload and was formally a member of Headon alongside Ross.

Oz says ‘I’m really looking forward to laying down my parts on the new album as well as catching up with Ross, Emily and Marc again. It’s been nearly 3 years since I last played with the band so looking forward to playing some new tunes!’

And on keys we welcome Marcus Matusiak. Marcus is a classically trained organist and has been involved Powermajus, Matron, The Grim Sweeper, DorEterna and Carnivale.

Marcus says, ‘I have been a huge fan of Pythia for several years so I was extremely excited to be offered the opportunity to work with the band on their upcoming releases. I hope to combine my skills gained as a professional organist and music analyst with my years of experience and passion for metal to continue to build on the great sound that Rich has brought to the band.’

Emily, Dyos, Mark and Ross are hugely excited about the fresh blood and new enthusiasm that Oz and Marcus bring so watch out Pythian’s this is going to be one hell of a ride.

The new album is expected to be due for release at some point this year but in true Pythia style we make no promises regarding the release date. The only promise we can make is that we will continue to dedicate ourselves to making amazing music and rocking until we drop! 

Til Death or Glory!



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