HEIDI PARVIAINEN’s new project DARK SARAH update

After parting ways with Amberian Dawn, Heidi Parviainen has been working on a new project called “Dark Sarah“. So far a music video of the first single, entitled, “Save Me” has been published. The musical style will combine elements of film music and metal music. “Save Me” represents the film-esque style of the becoming album and you can watch it below:

Heidi Parviainen posted the following update on her Facebook page:

Some of you might have wondered why it is taking so long to release an album. I´m going to open the curtain for you and tell what is now happening behind the scenes where everything is on fire baby!  And believe me this is a real life in the middle of the music business crises, this is not fantasy (although we need to fantasize a little)..

After recording the two songs ( Save Me, Poison Apple + video for Save Me) I´ve been searching for a publisher for my album. So far I have not received any answers and therefore I have been working to find out different options to fund and publish the album myself. So far I have funded everything my self and recorded the album in pieces. I have already most of the songs ready to be recorded and next step is a duet with Manuela Kraller in August. She will fly to Finland and we will make the recording together, face to face, since I´ve always hated the fact not meeting the partner I´m dueting with. This will be a duet where we can really emphatize the story.We will make videos and other documentary of our meeting so stay tuned in August! It will be fun!  Now, Mikko.P.Mustonen is working on the arrangement and the orchestrations and I´m working on the lyrics and trying to organise a music video for the duet with Manuela, if it works out it will be a sensation!  I have also been negotiating with a Finnish artist about the cartoon of Dark Sarah, but more about it later. Next to these I´ve been searching for the permanent line-up for DS cause so far everything has been recorded by my great musician friends who are mostly guesting my album but possibly also performing with DS one day. I´m really happy to announce that my longtime friend from Amberian Dawn, Tommi Kuri, has joined DS band as a bassist in the official lineup. He has also started to work for DS promotion and you will possibly meet him in the social network where he is active. Welcome Tommi, nice to work with you again! 

You will see me this year at the MFVF on stage with the other Eves’ Apples and I hope that after that also Dark Sarah is more ready to start making gigs too!

So, my friends, this is where we are at! We keep everything rocking and rolling for sure! I will keep you updated cause now things are getting 100% more interesting – I´m going to make it to the music business by myself without a label support but with the support of you my dear fans which is what really counts in the end! Muchos grande love! 

Your own cliffhanger Dark Sarah 



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