CRYSTAL VIPER invite all their fans to guest on their next album

Polish female fronted Heavy Metal act Crystal Viper, is working on their next, fifth studio album which will have its premiere on Friday 13th of December 2013 and which will be released via AFM Records. This time the band prepared a one of a kind surprise for their fans: everyone can be a special guest on the new Crystal Viper album!

cvIt seems people really enjoy concept albums we do, so our next release will be concept album as well, but more twisted you all can imagine! Inviting special guests that were recording with us is already kind of tradition for Crystal Viper, but this time we decided to go one step further, and we decided to invite people who are most important for us, people who give us energy and strenght to continue: our fans!” says vocalist and guitarist Marta Gabriel, who is again author of the whole material. “Here’s the deal: we want to have YOUR scream on the next Crystal Viper album! How to do it? Simply record yourself screaming: use your iPhone, smartphone, computer, or any other recording device you can find, and send mp3 or wav file with the recording to – just type “Crystal Viper SCREAM” in the subject line, and don’t forget to tell us your full name, as you will be listed in the booklet of the next Crystal Viper album as a special guest!” she adds. Fans can submit their recordings until August 15th, 2013.


1. Record your scream with any recording device you can find!
2. Send mp3 or wav file to – write “Crystal Viper SCREAM” in the subject line!
3. Don’t forget to write your name in the email: you will be listed as special guest in the album booklet!
4. Sending the recording is equal with permission for using it by Crystal Viper!
5. Deadline for submitting the recordings is August 15th, 2013.

HAVE ANY MORE QUESTIONS? Join THE OFFICIAL LEGION at and ask your question to the band or their management!


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