BANDS NEEDED – “Epiphany: Female Metal” Compilation CD

md-bands-neededMetal Divas is very proud to announce the first Volume of the “Epiphany: Female Metal” digital compilation album.

ONE MISSION – To get female fronted metal bands heard!

“Epiphany” is going to be an on-going effort which will be a digital collection of releases that contain some of the purest and most exciting upcoming female fronted metal from all the many facets of heavy music in the world right now.

We are currently looking for bands and artists that are interested in joining Metal Divas in our first compilation project, which will be released and distributed worldwide as a digital download for FREE. Therefore, we want to invite all bands and indie labels within the metal genres to submit their songs.

The digital compilation will contain brand new album artwork and a full color booklet with information including brief history for each band, web links, band photos, band logos and many more.

Metal Divas has the single aim of getting local level bands heard by people who would not normally get the chance to hear them. This is a promotional opportunity for your band to reach a highly targeted audience.

Hard working bands and artists wishing to secure releases should submit their material ASAP for consideration with full blogs / website details and information.

The cost to have a song on the “Epiphany: Female Metal” digital album compilation is €10 EUR / band. This is solely to cover graphic design and Google promotion expenses.

For details and queries:
Skype – metaldivas
Email –

With a clear focus on supporting independent artists and labels, the compilations will hopefully provide a platform for emerging as well as established artists.

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  1. Hello!! I’m Monik vocalist from Exordum. We’re a mexican symphonic metal band, we are independent and we have an album debut. The compilation is for bands from everywhere, European or USA only?.
    We really want to participate!! Thank you! 😉

    • Hello Monik,

      This is a worldwide compilation, so please feel free to participate. We would appreciate it if you could send us an email so that we could provide you with all the necessary info.

      Thank you and \m/ merol \m/ 🙂

  2. Hello there,

    I’m Coll, whistle and mandola player, song-writer and founder member of Andraste. And XX. I aint the main vocalist, but I’d argue against that always being the most important role in a band 😛 We do sort of progressive/death/black Folkmetal from Northern England. What kind of deadline are you working to? we’d love to submit something off our first album The Secret Valley, but if you’d prefer we are in the process of recording a second with more tracks featuring our very splendid female fiddle player too…


  3. Hi Coll,

    Thanks for your interest. We would be happy to receive your submission, as long as it features female vocals in some way. So please feel free to email us and I will send you all the necessary info 🙂

    Take care!

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