REVIEW: NYA – “Driving The Nails”

In 2011, melodic groove metallers Nya burst onto the scene with a whole new line-up which led to rave reviews for their self-titled EP and a headlining slot on The Doghouse Stage at the UK’s biggest rock festival; Download. Of course, it hasn’t stopped there for the band, after being announced for the MetalDays Festival in Slovenia this summer with a European tour in the making as well, the sky is the limit for Nya. “Driving The Nails In” is Nya’s follow-up EP (released November last year) to their 2011 self-titled EP.

nyaBack To You” kickstarts the EP with a catchy hook, flavoured with Nya’s own hint of melodic craftsmanship. Vocalist Nesh’s voice displays an unyielding hint of emotion that can be heard throughout the whole EP, as opposed to just this one song. The use of riffs that range from dulcet to ponderous underline the emotion that sails through the vocals. “You Are” is the lead single from the EP and from the first listen, to the twenty second listen, it’s obvious that’s it’s the strongest track on the EP, featuring the aforementioned emotional vocals as well as heavy, melodic and catch guitar segments, as performed by Joe and Dan, as well as a punchy use of bass.

Close Your Eyes” takes a step in the emotive and ariose direction, showing a fresh dynamic in the both the band’s overall sound and the EP, allowing it keep being exciting while the following track “Choir Invisible” is more copious in its sound. The element that really stands out is Woody’s bass work, having its own distinctive sound that stands out on its own but still melds into the song. The EP comes to its finale with the title track “Driving The Nails In”, which contains all the best elements of the EP and then some more including a grooveesque rhythm and an infectiously memorable chorus. Nesh’s vocals demonstrate a diverse sound, helping to create that poignant sound that has become so easily recognisable with Nya.

Driving The Nails” is one of the best possible examples when it comes to melodic passages and heavy riffs being welded together in music. Throw in the memorable lyrics, catchy vocal lines and the intelligent use of drums and you have a masterpiece of modern groove flavoured metal. It’s surprising that Nya haven’t been snapped up by a label yet but there’s still time for that!

RATING: 10/10

Driving The Nails In” – Track list:

1. Back To You
2. You Are
3. Open Your Eyes
4. Choir Invisible
5. Driving The Nails In

Nya is:

Anežka “Nesh” Piška – Vocals
Joe Rhodes – Guitars & Backing Vocals
Dan Baker – Guitars
Woody – Bass


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