REVIEW: ILLUSORIA – “Illusory World”

Illusoria, founded in 2012, is a German melodic power metal band. With no demos or EPs under their belt, they released “Illusory World” their full-length debut album only 3 months ago in March 2013. The record contains 8 songs and was recorded by Uwe Lulis (Grave Digger, Rebellion) at Black Solaris Studios.

Illusoria Illusory World CoverWhen I listened to “Illusory World” for the first time, it made me grasp that I was listening to something very enjoyable. For a self-produced debut it really hits the spot with its bulky wall of sound. A solid proof that the new generation of musicians is alive and kicking! First good impression was the exploding drumming, along with the pure, melodic keyboard work and the crunchy guitar riffing. What a sensation! I embraced their fusion of symphonic/melodic power metal, following the footsteps of bands such as Sonata Arctica, Kamelot and Epica.

Illusoria, although being together for a very short period of time, sound tight and full of good ideas which are capable of transforming into good songs. The band takes advantage of Eve’s melodious voice and blend’s it together with Falko’s and Micha’s growls, creating a nice contrast within the tunes. The songs are well put together and the orchestration is complete and exceptional. Lyric-wise, from what I understood, Illusoria serenade about mystical and fantasy tales but also historical events adopted by their own style and charisma.

So far, so good but… to be perfectly honest Illusoria should have paid more attention to the vocals in the record. While everything else sounds good and polished, Eve’s vocals are missing some care and affection – if I may say. Although she has a very good voice, sometimes there’s trouble hitting these high notes and there are many high notes in the vocal melodies unfortunately. Could it be she is over her range because orchestration demanded it? Not sure, however the point is that there are some really unnecessary high screams and high notes which should have been avoided because Eve sounds out of tune. Then again, when she is going into the more operatic style of signing she sounds great. Which leads me to believe that with a little more attention in the studio, she could have been flawless.

Musically “Illusory World” is full of great melodies and very catchy choruses which is really what makes a song memorable and defines a good band from a bad band. The songs are technical, fast and full of harmonies that will please fans of the genre. “Ray of Hope” is the first surprise in the album as being the only ballad and Eve is being accompanied by a terrific piano tune. In spite of some pronunciation misfortunes it’s a really lovely song which turns into a full on power ballad towards the end. The second song that caught me by surprise is “Black Sails“! An absolute awesome pirate metal anthem, reminding me of Alestorm! The accordion sound makes all the difference and the vocals are really proficient and spot-on!

Overall “Illusory World” is a wonderful debut album with some exceptional songs and cracking melodies. There are blemishes vocal-wise that I am convinced if the band works on them and get them fixed, Illusoria will have a bright future ahead of them. The guys seem to take this very seriously and I am certain they will deliver many great releases. My personal favorites are “Snow White“, “Icarus – Rise High” and “Black Sails” although I really enjoy listening to the whole record from beginning to end. Totally recommend it.

RATING: 7 / 10

Illusory World” – Track list:

01. A Clandestine Lovestory
02. White Light
03. 300 — Side By Side
04. Icarus – Rise High
05. Ray Of Hope
06. Illusory World
07. Black Sails
08. Snow White

Illusoria is:

Eve – Vocals
Falko – Guitars & Vocals
Micha – Keyboards & Vocals
Tobi – Bass
Vincent – Drums

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