REVIEW: SIRENIA – “Perils of the Deep Blue”

I am sure when it comes to gothic metal everybody will recognize Morten Veland’s name. His talent is already known through his former band, Tristania, but in 2001 he formed Sirenia the band in which his legacy continues up to this day. “Perils of the Deep Blue” is Sirenia’s sixth full length release and one of the best in the band’s career so far.

SireniaSirenia is one of the acts that successfully fused symphonic and gothic metal together with death metal components in their sound. This becomes very clear quite early in their latest album “Perils of the Deep Blue“. The sound is far more aggressive than “The Enigma of Life” and their attitude more intrusive and daring. Fans of their older releases will be very happy to read this, no doubt. In spite of a few songs, the general direction of the new album is most dynamic and forceful.

The guitars have the main role in the compositions, revealing a rapacious tone and you can tell everything is really build around them. No need to worry though, there are plenty of keyboards on the record — however they adapt a different etiquette and their job is to create a symphonic atmosphere throughout “Perils of the Deep Blue” and to be honest, they exceeded my expectations.

The structure of the songs is much more complex and the arrangements full of energy and enthusiasm. Morten’s growl vocals are refined and really prominent in the entire album, while at the same time Ailyn is exceptional and the way these two integrate and marry their voices is pure euphoria. Although for me the show-stealer is definitely the song “Ditt Endelikt” with Joakim Næss‘ superb clean vocals and first-class performance. The melodies in this one are just sensational. A definite album highlight!

Perils of the Deep Blue” was produced by Morten Veland himself while the mastering and mixing was done by Endre Kirkesola in Dub Studios in Norway. This album is a true testament as to why musicians should produce their own albums. There’s no way anyone else could deliver Morten’s vision in such expert and unmitigated fashion. This album elevates the band to the next level and shows many new sides of Sirenia to the world.

Everything seems to work just right in this album, from the song-writing to the performances, to the production and the entire atmosphere contained in “Perils of the Deep Blue“. Just like puzzle pieces fitting perfectly with each other. Fans of symphonic/gothic metal will enjoy and appreciate one of the best releases in recent years and fans of Sirenia will absolutely love it. The bands attributes and temper is very noticeable and the creativity fits perfectly Sirenia’s concept.

Overall, Sirenia’s new album “Perils of the Deep Blue” is very satisfying and worthy of the “one of the best symphonic/gothic metal albums ever” title. The wonderfully diverse synthesis, morose ambience and robust choirs could be a testimony to that. Album highlights include “Stille Kom Døden“, “The Funeral March“, “My Destiny Coming To Pass“, “Darkling“, “A Blizzard Is Storming” and my personal favorite “Ditt Endelikt“. I know I will be listening to this album a lot and you should as well!

RATING: 8.5 / 10

Perils of the Deep Blue” – Track list:

01. Ducere Me In Lucem
02. Seven Widows Weep
03. My Destiny Coming To Pass
04. Ditt Endelikt
05. Cold Caress
06. Darkling
07. Decadence
08. Stille Kom Døden
09. The Funeral March
10. Profound Scars
11. A Blizzard Is Storming

Bonus tracks:

12. Chains
13. Blue Colleen

Sirenia is:

Ailyn – Vocals
Morten Veland – Guitars & Growl vocals
Jan Erik Soltvedt – Guitars
Jonathan A. Perez – Drums


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