THE HOURGLASS launch Indiegogo campaign

The Hourglass is a symphonic/industrial/gothic metal band founded in 2010 in the city of Cluj-Napoca, Romania. The band is trying to create a new style of metal by mixing different genres and combining them with a dramatic soprano voice. Their demo CD entitled “Requiem” was released shortly after and was received very well, although it was recorded with only basic studio means.

The Hourglass released two new singles entitled “Away” and “Magdalene” in 2013 and both can be heard here:


The band has launched an Indiegogo campaign trying to fund their debut album and they ask for your help. They wish to record 11-12 tracks in high audio quality at a professional studio. In their own words: “Our campaign is like a long term pre-sale: If you pre-order your copy of our debut album or you claim any other perk, we’ll have the necessary funds to produce this studio material and you’ll get what you pledged for at the delivery date. We can make this possible, folks 🙂 You all showed a lot of support, so this time we’re counting on you only!“.

Check their Indiegogo campaign here:

Listen to The Hourglass here and here If you like the music you could share their campaign, follow the band on Facebook and support them in any way you can.


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  1. Big big thanks for spreading the word about our campaign! \m/

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