kobra1Name: Kobra Paige

Nationality: Canadian

Associated acts: Kobra and the Lotus

Personal motto: Live life with good intention, live life to the fullest.

Social Media Links:

Current plans: N/A


Metal Divas: Please tell us what got you into music and describe your early days and journey thus far to be a vocalist.
Kobra: When I was 8 years old I began classical training falling into the likes of Beethoven, Bach, and Vivaldi. When I was 15, the tides changed. I went to a Judas Priest concert, heard Painkiller, and was forever in love with the music and culture that came with it.

Metal Divas: In your opinion, what is the essence of music in general?
Kobra: Music is there to evoke thoughts and emotions and strengthen us. Whether it is toward a place of happiness, inspiration, anger, sadness, or reminiscence, it opens and guides us to a place of feeling; a bigger “inner” place, than we were in before hearing it. Music is the sound of our life and aspirations.

Metal Divas: Describe any “before the show” rituals you might have.
Kobra: I pace back and forth while chanting a monotone, private prayer I learned while in India.

Metal Divas: What is the most memorable moment of your career so far?
Kobra: Every part of this career has been memorable because it has taken so much hard work to achieve even one baby step forward. One of my most favorite moments was the first time we saw people singing our music right along with us at a show. It was the first time I really realized people were paying attention.

kobra2Metal Divas: What is a rule — whether it’s a law, societal standard, or moral code that exists that you think should be broken?
Kobra: People should marry or be together for love.

Metal Divas: Name five things you can’t live without:
Kobra: 1 – My family

Metal Divas: Share any funny story while on the road or any crazy request received from a fan.
Kobra: When we were in Europe last fall, my leather pants ripped open 2 mins before set time. I tried to safety pin the crotch back together but all the pins opened and scratched my legs as soon as I ran on stage. Not only were the first three rows staring at my underwear with their mouths open, I was in a lot of pain!

Metal Divas: What do you do to keep your voice in good shape?
Kobra: Lots of rest, water, a healthy diet, and intense cardiovascular exercise. The healthier your heart is and more oxygen your lungs can hold, the better your live performance can be. You can move more without compromising the quality of the notes.

Metal Divas: Please give any advice to young aspiring vocalists who wanna enter the music industry.
Kobra: The best thing you can do for yourself is not hold back and give it a shot. Jump right in and go for it. Seek mentorship from wherever you can. Learn by having real experiences and doing the work. Look up to the people that have done what you aspire to do and realize that they were aspiring people just like you. Know it is possible. I would also recommend taking some vocal lessons to learn proper techniques surrounding breath support and vocal protection. It’s scary when your instrument is in your body and you only get one! We have to fight for what we love or there is no meaning to life itself.

Metal Divas: Ten years from now you will be…
Kobra: Still rocking out but doing our own headlining tours! We will also have 5 more albums out by then!


Metal Divas: Do you parallel park or drive around the block?
Kobra: Parallel Park

Metal Divas: Which shoe do you put on first?
Kobra: Right foot

Metal Divas: What’s the strangest talent you have?
Kobra: I’m not too shabby at Reggaeton!

Metal Divas: Which vegetable do you hate?
Kobra: Celery

Metal Divas: What question should you never ask a woman?
Kobra: Anything regarding her body especially how much she weighs!


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