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Cradle Of Filth backing vocalist / keyboardist Lindsay Schoolcraft is a featured guest on the song “Morning Light” from Dubai-based Ascendant‘s new album, “A Thousand Echoes“. The track is streaming below, go to this location to check out the album. Lindsay has posted a video message commenting on recording the song with the band.

For information on Ascendant go here.

ARTIST PROFILE: Lindsay Schoolcraft

lindsschoolcraft2cropName: Lindsay Schoolcraft

Nationality: Canadian

Associated acts: Schoolcraft (Solo), Cradle of Filth (Live Keyboards and Backing Vocals)

Personal motto: “Having faith and belief that you will get something is half the battle. The other half is hard work.”

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Current plans: To finish up the European festivals and tour dates with Cradle of Filth.


Metal Divas: Please tell us what got you into music and describe your early days and journey thus far to be a vocalist.
Lindsay: Music was a big part of my life from a very young age. My father taught me guitar at the age of 7 and I was always singing since I was a small child. Over the years I have progressed from Country, Rock, Classical, Folk, to Musical Theatre styles of singing. In high school I formed my own all girl punk band where I started to perform on stage and write my own music. In my early 20s I progressed to rock music and then eventually into Metal. I do however write my own symphonic music as a solo artist. I’m always open to new styles as a vocalist, but mainly have stuck to classical opera studies the past few years. I always knew I wanted to be a singer, a lead singer too. I had no idea I would find pleasure in writing my own music and lyrics. I think that is the most gratifying part of being a singer: singing your own story in your own expression. Nothing is more fulfilling as an artist. Such singers as Amy Lee, Tarja Turunen, Simone Simmons, Sharon Den Adel, and Sarah McLachlan have inspired me to work harder and become better. I never in all my life thought I would come to be part of the live line up for British extreme heavy metal band Cradle of Filth, but in January 2013 I signed on and gained all the experience and confidence I’ve ever needed.

Metal Divas: In your opinion, what is the essence of music in general?
Love and passion, expression and healing. In my case its life, the air I breathe, the reason I get out of bed in the morning.

Metal Divas: Describe any “before the show” rituals you might have.
Well, of course there is always getting dolled up and dressed for the stage. But at least 10 minutes of vocal warm ups that cover my entire range. There are 2-3 minutes in head voice, then chest voice, and then finding a comfortable way to connect the two. Then, of course, lots of funny cartoon character voices and jumping around. After a short self-talk with mental focusing methods, and then I’m off to the stage!

Metal Divas:  What is the most memorable moment of your career so far?
I would have to say Cradle of Filth’s last show on the world tour on May 12th, 2013 in Fremantle, Australia. We all knew the set through and through. We were really comfortable with each other on stage and put on a stellar performance that I will never forget.

Metal Divas:  What is a rule, whether it’s a law, societal standard, or moral code that exists that you think should be broken?
Humanity thinking they have the right to over throw animals and the environment. Allowances such as factory farming, animal testing, and forest demolishing are just outright disgusting and wrong.

Metal Divas: Name five things you can’t live without:
1 – My Harp
2 – The ability to write music
3 – My hearing
4 – A good long walk in the forest
5 – My Van (to escape everything)

img_7011Metal Divas: Share any funny story while on the road or any crazy request received from a fan.
In Fremantle, Australia a fan asked me to sign his arm tattoo of Cradle of Filth album artwork. He later got my signature tattooed on his arm. I was so flattered and still am!

Metal Divas: What do you do to keep your voice in good shape?
Mostly by supportive talking and making sure I’m not too loud in my speech. I usually tend to want to speak loud out of excitement, so it takes a lot of control and focus to calm down. Lots of sleep, eating well (and vegan), taking my vitamins, vocal warm downs at night, always warming up before a show, rehearsal, or practice, and making sure I am always trying new styles and techniques within my comfort ranges before I try to expand my range.

Metal Divas:  Please give any advice to young aspiring vocalists who want to enter the music industry.
Lindsay: Practice, practice, practice. Be open to positive criticism to better yourself. The best experience in better knowing yourself as a performer and your own voice is to be up on stage, so get up there as much as possible. And be open to trying out new styles of singing in your own interpretations. As for the business end of things: you need a tough skin and don’t let setbacks or ignorant statements upset you. Have a plan and stick to it. Know your vision and focus on it fully. And if someone is just not worth working with out of stress or damaging your name by association then drop them as soon as possible.

Metal Divas: Ten years from now you will be…
Lindsay: I would like to tour the world fronting a full orchestra with my own solo music and various guest vocalist as part of the act. But I could also be fronting a metal band, still playing with Cradle of Filth, writing film scores, and/or teaching music. I know I will always be teaching a select few students. I really enjoy it.


Metal Divas: Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 38 and find line 4. What does it say?
Lindsay: Sadly I don’t have any books near me except for my passport and it only goes up to page 26!

Metal Divas: Before you started this interview, what were you doing?
Lindsay: Getting my boarding passes at The Frankfurt Airport, Germany to fly out to France and play Hellfest with Cradle of Filth.

Metal Divas: Who made the last incoming call on your phone?
Lindsay: My amazing manager Nadine Grimes.

Metal Divas: Do you really know all the words to your national anthem?
Lindsay: I do actually!

Metal Divas: If you could eat lunch with one famous person, who would it be?
Lindsay: Bjork or Shagrath from Dimmu Borgir.

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