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REVIEW: CADAVERIA – “The Shadows’ Madame”

Cadaveria was formed in 2001 by lead singer Cadaveria and drummer Marçelo Santos following their departure from Opera IX. The band quickly signed by Scarlet Records released it’s debut album entitled “The Shadows’ Madame” in 2002, receiving very positive feedback worldwide. Being sold out for a very long time, this cult album is now reprinted by Black Tears, after having been completely remastered in May 2013.

CoverAtrwork-TheShadows'Madame-CADAVERIACadaveria’sThe Shadows’ Madame” will be available on July 16th, 2013 featuring a different artwork, edited by Cadaveria herself, for all the fans who missed the debut release, for collectors and for all new Cadaveria fans.

Cadaveria has exhibited Black, Death and Horror metal sounds that seem sharp connected most of the time and “The Shadows’ Madame” is no different. A collection of nicely composed riffs and Cadaverias‘ vocal performance make for a good album, capturing your interest from early on. From the deep growls to the more clean and aggressive vocal attitude, Cadaveria restore faith in extreme female metal vocalists.

The Shadows’ Madame” is filled with an ancient and mystical atmosphere taking the listener to occult places and filling them with a variety of emotions, mostly dark. Production has notably increased in quality this time around, thanks to the new mastering but what makes “The Shadows’ Madame” stand out is that it never loses its primal identity of a “dark” metal album.

Innovation does not cardinally mean coming up with something completely new; the fusion of the dexterity to take advantage of various influences, the courage of personality that averts these influences from dominating the artist and a load of craft and creativity always has a good result. And in this case the result confirms the renaissance of extreme metal.

As to the best moments of the listening experience, there are several sprinkled throughout. Like “Black Glory” and “Circle Of Eternal Becoming“, just to name a couple. In conclusion, “The Shadows’ Madame” is a decorous and noticeable album that will be warmly accepted by fans of the genre. Definitely a cult release that belongs among the best and if you like “scary” music then you are in for an enjoyable ride.

RATING: 7 / 10

The Shadows’ Madame” – Track list:

01. Spell
02. Declaration of Spiritual Independence
03. In Memory of Shadows’ Madame
04. Circle of Eternal Becoming
05. The Magic Rebirth
06. Black Glory
07. Absolute Vacuum

Cadaveria is:

Cadaveria – Vocals
Frank Booth – Guitars
Dick Laurent – Guitars
Killer Bob – Bass
Marçelo Santos – Drums